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Leadership is a skill that must be practiced and honed every day.  Using a devastating suicide terrorist attack as a backdrop, Commander Kirk Lippold’s “Five Pillars of Leadership” is used by organizations across the country to build on a foundation of integrity to create an environment for inspirational leadership in the crucible of an unforgiving business world.  Learn how the leaders in any company’s organization can develop that same sense of ownership and seize the opportunity to be responsible for their future success. These are must-have business tenets for any team.

Crisis Management

Crisis management expert and proven leader, Commander Kirk Lippold takes his experiences from the military to the boardroom as he reveals lessons learned while leading the crew aboard the USS Cole following a devastating terrorist attack. These critical steps demonstrate how any organization can detect, react to contain and then control crises, assess progress in defining a new normal, and measure successes moving forward.  These leadership and management techniques arm corporate audiences with a military-grade approach to prepare for and take action when crisis strikes — because it’s not a matter of if, but when.

National Security

Business teams must understand how to adapt their strategy to take advantage of key aspects of our economy to influence national, state, and local government policies and regulations.  Commander Kirk Lippold reflects back on his experience in command of USS Cole to look forward, offering candid insight into today’s ultra-competitive business environment.  Today, leaders must know how to highlight the contributions their organization makes to the nation’s security.  Total success lies in knowing how to shape the legal and policy debates.  These insights can make the difference when it matters most.


Using his hallmark presentation of Al Qaeda’s attack on the USS Cole, Commander Lippold provides concrete examples of how building a foundation of leadership made the difference in how his crew responded to the attack and how those same principles can build success in any business or organization.

Organization Analysis/Program Development
Understanding the unique structure of each organization is a window into how it functions.  Commander Lippold will work closely with clients to tailor a program to maximize human interaction and lines of authority within a business to develop a plan for how to best leverage opportunities for leadership to flourish and grow.

Commander Lippold will help participants understanding the importance of applying leadership fundamentals in an ongoing basis. Armed with the tenets, skills, and tools to lead, participants will take their careers to new levels with fresh insights and strategies to succeed with supervisors, subordinates, and most importantly, customers.

Commander Lippold has always valued the obligation of individuals and companies to be responsible for their actions.  Take charge of your leadership future and learn more about Commander Lippold’s presentations, in-depth analysis, and engaged workshops and seminars.

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